Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer? Oh yeah... SUMMER!

Sometimes amidst all the chaos that is June-August, I forget to stop & enjoy the summer. Usually it's planning, planning, printing, selling, planning, working, going, going... And suddenly, before you know it, it's September again. 10 years ago, I looked forward to summer because there was NO work and NO keeping up appearances.
Now I look forward to summer because it's when I GET to see people. Come out of the studio a bit.
Found time last night to make some tasty open-faced sandwiches with Phil & our friend Mattan. The boys made some mint juleps by putting ice in a dishtowel and hammering it to pieces with a hammer. We grilled eggplant, marinated spinach, made olive relish & some tasty red cabbage slaw, and sat outside pretending the mosquitos weren't biting our legs to bits.
Now, back to work! There's a CRAFT FAIR this weekend!

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