Tuesday, June 1, 2010


RPP Men's Liquidation Sale

We've done it.
After much debate, lots of thought, and some elementary school level calculations, we've committed to discontinuing our gentlemen's line here at Red Prairie Press.
Guys... it's not you...it's....well... no, yeah, it's you.

Despite my Dad, husband and brother-in-law (and handful of male friends) being supportive of the line, our men's tee sales have been incredibly slow & low. I realized we ought to focus on what DOES work, and what people DO actually buy, rather than what we wish people wanted to buy. Despite my childhood motives to be one of the boyz, and my inability to dress like a woman even in a hot pink tutu... I think I have somehow managed to relate more to the ladies with my designs. Oh, and babies. Babies LOVE red prairie press!

The good news for YOU, my small collection of gentlemen (and unisex tee wearing gal) friends, is that all men's tees are just $12 each until they are gone! Since we have a lot of stock, this will take a while, but get em before your size runs out. We are especially low in the medium department, FYI.

Now, if you don't mind, I think I'll go burp, tell a fart joke, use power tools and practice my folk guitar songs so I can keep up with the boys in my life. If you gents want more when these are gone, you'll just have to start wearing racerback tanks and try to keep up with the girls.
The times they are a-changing.