Thursday, April 8, 2010

Six Course DInner

My good pal Angie recently acquired a much-coveted spot in the Druid Hill Park community gardens, and has begun digging to make it plantable in the last couple weeks. We're starting a garden of our own in the back yard, but it's about 1/18th of the size, and probably going to be mostly flowers, since we pretty much exist on tomatoes & basil all summer anyway. In digging, she managed to save some irises for me, and some leeks for our friend Storephil. I shamefully left the irises lying in the sun on the back porch and may have murdered them, but Phil chopped up his leeks and made leekmonade. Just kidding. He made risotto.
And it looks like it was really good. And appears to happen to be vegan - which I still am for another week (minimum). Go drool over it HERE.

Had a great Jury meeting last night with some of the CCCM ladies, and we're REALLY excited about this year's Pile Of Craft. I think I drank 16 glasses of iced tea on Shannon's porch (because that's what ladies do together here in the "south" in the 90 degree heat), and speaking of being vegan... Shannon's awesome vegan husband introduced me to vegan pizza from Al Pacino (whose # has been saved in my cellphone since 2005 because having "Al Pacino" on speed dial is funny to me), and changed my world. Hello!


P K said...

Just nix the butter and dive right in!

Angie said...

I'm glad you put "south" in quotations.

Red Prairie Press said...

that was solely for you.

Jennifer said...

mmmmmmm...AL Pacinoooooo's