Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan for a month.

Most years in the month preceding my birthday I try to give something up, or make a small change in my habits - usually for health reasons... but mostly just as a way of remembering to think about how I treat my body... and maybe as a way of being thankful for all I have? My own sort of Lent...if you will.
This year, I decided to see how it felt to be vegan for a month. Phil (to my joyous surprise) decided to go down (or UP) a notch and be vegetarian for the month as well - so we've been getting our chef on in the kitchen with some awesomely delicious results. Phil is proving to be a master of tofu and made up his own marinade and managed to grill tofu the other night like it was his job. Here is the tasty result, pictured above.
I wish I could tell you the marinade - maybe he could chime in here? Clearly there were sesame seeds. We pared it with some Kale Salad (lemon juice, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, cayenne, kale, red pepper, garlic & green onions - mixed up & soaked overnight) and brown rice. We've been eating lots of lentils, beans and greens and last night went to a Sometimes Dining where the chefs were wonderful enough to cator to my new temporary (?) diet with what just might have been the most delicious Sometimes meal yet - I'm not even exaggerating.
In any case, what I'm learning as I edge toward 28 years old is this: Food is delicious & It feels good to be adventurous. And also, you CAN grill tofu without it falling apart. or... at least... my spectacularly multi-talented husband can.


Phil Davis said...

awww. thanks.
the marinade was:
sherry, white vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, honey, vegan mayo, and a sprinkle of corn starch to thicken it.

P K said...

glad you liked the food on Sunday. and we're happy to keep cooking you more awesome vegan treats.

Red Prairie Press said...

might just have to keep at it then. feeling so good it'll be hard to justify going back to dairy... though it sure is more convenient.