Friday, February 26, 2010

Unfinished Business.

Have spent this week in and out of the bookstore pouring over fashion magazines and art books looking for inspiration to put the final touches on our new pieces for Spring/Summer 2010. I've found ENORMOUS amounts of inspiration, both visual (bright bold patterns, folksy edge, the apparent OK on racerback tank tops) and personal (have you read the interview w/ Tina Fey in the new Vogue? I think I'm in love) ... And I've also found some real gag-inducing things. For example, what's with the new Prada line? the cropped non-hems? The digital photo-prints? the tacky shiny fabrics? blechchhhhe.
There's no fashion credibility hidden in my family name, but I feel compelled to let you know anyways: I think they're taking the 90's too far.
Off to collect myself and make tshirts (NOT couture) for a living.

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