Sunday, October 4, 2009


Holy Snap.
I did not even LOOK at my camera all day on Saturday. I didn't even leave the booth. I didn't eat, drink, or even see the OUTSIDE of the booth, for most of the day, in fact. Crafty Bastards was SO Crafty, SO Bastardly, that I wasn't able to stop moving, or smiling, or blabbering at people for long enough to crack my knuckles, let alone take a photo.
please enjoy these photos of adorable chubby babies playing in leaves. It's fall. Crafty Bastards is but a happy memory on my aching face (still stuck in a smile), Phil's birthday is Thursday, and my BFF is getting married on Saturday.
If you look up the word "Giddy" on your favorite search engine, a photo of my face pops up.
It's like I just watched a 3 hour long Heavy Metal Rock Opera and drank two cans of "natural" soda and ate cheese puffs for dinner. (oh wait...)

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