Monday, October 5, 2009


In order: Angie mid-pickling in our new kitchen; Granola cooling before packing; Zucchini pasta just lookin' pretty.
I'm realizing I ramble about these things sometimes, and then never photo document them, and I wonder if you even believe me.
SURE you "canned" last weekend. I BET you had time to make Granola last night, while simultaneously working the wholesale catalogue and printing tshirts. No really. I promise it's true. I bake when I am overwhelmed. And it's been a full fall already!
The pickles are from Angie's canning book. The Zucch pasta was inspired by a recipe on Six Course Dinner (the best Baltimore cooking blog there is), and the Granola is inspired by a recipe in a book, given to me by the writer of that very blog. It's called Breakfast Lunch Tea - by Rose Bakery - (a bakery in France. So you KNOW it's legit!) and aside from cutting down the amount of sugar & honey & doubling the wheat germ they call for, I basically follow their recipe exactly. Is it legal to post someone else's recipe? I have no idea. Let me know if it's not, would you? Again, it's not my recipe, it's Rose Bakery's. And you should most certainly buy this book, or demand it of your loved ones for the next gift demanding holiday. I love it.

5 1/3 c Rolled Oats
1 1/4 c Whole Almonds
2/3 c Sunflower seeds
3/4 c pumpkin seeds
1/3 c sesame seeds
3-4 T wheatgerm
1/2 c oil (I've used walnut, canola, safflower, and they recommend sunflower)
1 C honey
pinch of cinnamon
1/8 C brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla
pinch of salt

mix together first 6 ingredients. boil together the second 6. mix dry & wet together, and bake on cookie sheets (not too much at a time) at 325 slowly turning until it gets golden. lay cooling for at least 15 minutes.


P K said...

glad you are enjoying "breakfast lunch tea". if i ever get to france again, i have vowed to eat at rose bakery as frequent as possible.

Red Prairie Press said...

ditto. let's all go as a team. (an eating team, that is)

Amber DavisHanna said...

what I wouldn't do for some warm granola right now......I rushed out of the house, no time for breakfast, and instead am eating almonds and a rice crispy treat from our snack closet at work.

Phil Davis said...

don't knock rice crispy treats! i had coffee for breakfast today. mmmmmmm.

Red Prairie Press said...

I bake you granola at 2am, and you have coffee for breakfast? what's a girl to do.