Thursday, October 15, 2009

Buy Olympia presents: LAND!

I've been selling with Buy Olympia (originally of Olympia, WA - Now of Portland, OR) for a number of years now, and have always really liked them as people AND as a company. They choose great artists (and accidentally, me) and promote the crap out of them. They're laid back, easygoing, and understanding, but they work ridiculously hard.
What has been, until now, an online store only, has just changed.
I'm so happy to promote that as of this week, Buy Olympia has opened a STOREFRONT!!!!
It's called Land, and is located at

3925 North Mississippi Ave
Portland, Oregon 97227
hours: Friday -Sunday 11-5pm
ph: 503-477-5704

So, if you're in Portland, and reading this blog (that pretty much narrows it down to one person, that I know of. Hi Alicia!!) go check it out! Swoon for me, from across the country, please.

(UPDATE: actually, THREE people in portland read this blog. Sarah & Michael - also a hello to YOU!)


Nichim said...

You forget your jolly cousins in Portland!

Red Prairie Press said...

Oh my goodness.
My favorite Sarah & Michael!
I'm so sorry!
enormous love to YOU too.
changing blogpost immediately.


that's right by my place!

Red Prairie Press said...

Really!? that's fantastic!! we'll go in january!!