Friday, October 16, 2009

Buy Me This: Scandinavia

Most of you know that I'm obsessed with everything folksy artsy (it's my blog. I can make up words.) and scandinavian, so you know I can't resist showing you this treasury that's on the Etsy Front Page right now. not because you need to buy me anything from it, in particular (one of each would be acceptable), but because you should buy me a ticket to VISIT Scandinavia. Sweden, Finland, Norway... The Faroe Islands. Any of these would be great.
No need for additional entertainment.
I will happily purchase a big Scandinavian sweater and sit happily gawking at everyone.

Luckily, Phil is on board with this plan, and it seems that this is high on our list of places to visit, when we grow up & do things like spend money on traveling. Or..... find ways of convincing others to ship us places in a crate, and not tell the people at customs...

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