Sunday, September 20, 2009

Yes, Ralph Lauren. Yes.

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Preface: I don't usually follow fashion, and don't know what's what.
BUT. Ralph Lauren's Spring/Summer 2010 line is all Prairie, and his recent show was accompanied by Woody Guthrie music.
While dear Woody is probably rolling in his grave with horror knowing his music is being used to promote fashion & consumption... I can't help but smile, thinking that someone is taking the talk of recession in the direction of the 40's, and romanticizing it to a point of something we can stand to be a part of (that is... if we had $100 bucks to spend on Ralph Lauren work duds...) All I'm saying is, I have been dressing like this for 27 years, and if now is when I get discovered for being high fashion, then I plan to embrace the flopping economy wholeheartedly.
Hot Dang.
Is it batty to print this image out, and put it in my wallet and hand it out like a business card when someone questions my frumpiness? possibly... but we have a new ink cartridge in our printer....

Thoughts on this more modest direction?


Phil Davis said...

I like how all the models are still wearing high heals with their scruffy jeans.

Jennifer Bone said...

I want to see you in the ruffly shirt with your scruffy jeans!