Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chicago Renegade Recap

Here's why Chicago is awesome:
On sunday, my good pal Nate Duval, who was doing this show solo, twittered from his iphone something along the lines of:
"Someone in Chicago should bring me a Bloody Mary at my booth at Renegade Craft Fair..."
within 30 minutes, a stranger was handing him a bloody mary.

Other reasons we're officially forgiving the windy city for last year:
-Sunny both days
-a bazillion shoppers
-wonderful people
-no traffic tickets
-my first deep dish pizza
-great visits with old friends & new friends alike
-After we completeled a Walter Mosely mystery on the ride OUT... Phil totally caved, and we listened to twilight on the ride home. So terrible, and so addictive.

A busy few days ahead of me as my parents fly into town for a visit on Thursday... better get cracking.
I'll be back soon with photos of our new apparel - ALL OF WHICH did great in Chicago, which felt wonderful.
Thanks again to all who came out this weekend and made it well well worth our 13 hour twilight marathon.


glam.spoon said...

one of these day's I'll get to the Renedgade Fair in Chi-town. Your write up makes it sound like a blast!

Red Prairie Press said...

you should try to make it to the next one! Definitely worth it - SO MUCH to look at, i didn't even look at half of the booths. never made it that far down on my coffee breaks!
What an inspiration to do great and unique things.

Lindsay said...

the idea of following nate on twitter might just make me sign up for twitter. just maybe.

i guess this renegade beat out the LA renegade. i do hope LA isn't on your worst-ever list :) we still have thai food.