Monday, September 28, 2009

beware the wrath of a patient woman.

Here are a couple more newbies for you to admire while I vent about my week to you.
Ready? great.
Have you ever had your paintings called "twee" "creepy" "beautiful" and "a rip-off of Marcel Dzama" all in the same week?
And also in the same week, get a full page spread & interview in Korean Vogue magazine with said twee-dzama-creepfest-beauties, and not feel quite as excited about it as you should? And when you checked your email, were their complaints about things you can't fix? When your phone rang, was it someone you wished you hadn't answered for? And then as you were channeling your inner zen... did you remember you have jury duty tomorrow?
insert melo-dramatic-beautiful-twee-blogger sigh HERE________________
...... aaannnnddddddd release.

It's been a busy and rough day, and somehow, it's only 1pm. Hence, we are abandoning the computer for the day, and going to hide in the basement. (and by we, I mean Me, Mr. Sammy, my coffee and a book on how to rip off other artists more effectively).

On the plus side, our new apparel is done, most is up online (on I saw my calendar proofs today, and they look very very exciting (and will be ready for Crafty Bastards Saturday), I got to eat at Sometimes last night, I got to watch Twilight the movie this weekend (yeah. well. what do you want!?), I bought paint for our dining room yesterday, Phil purchased The State on DVD, I really AM in Korean Vogue magazine, and as of Saturday, I have 8 jars of hot pepper jelly (thanks to Anne & Frank for the box-o-peppers shipped from MAINE!) and my first experience canning is behind me.

Happy Monday, My friends. Happy Monday indeed.


bonnie.crawford said...

Woah. I made and canned 8 jars of pickles on Sunday. do you think there was something in the food at Carma's on Friday that made us do that?

Lindsay said...

rachel, you are queen of awesomeness. rock it out. happy monday. lovelovelove

Jennifer Bone said...

What color paint?

Amber DavisHanna said...

I love that all your mom cares about is what color paint you got....

Jennifer said...

For the record, im not cool enough to know the word 'twee' so I had to look it up. Don't listen to 'em gal, you're fabuloso and famous! Korean vogue!!! I wanna see it!

Red Prairie Press said...

Bonnie- Angie & I also canned pickles that day!!!!!! weird!!!! so did our friends down the street!

Mum- yellow & gray
can't wait to show it off!!!

Jennifer Bone said...

Yellow and gray sounds neat. Can't wait to see it.

For the record, I DO care about other things beside paint colors!


Ali D. said...

haters! your work is beautiful and I can't believe you're in Vogue! congratulations, and I can't wait to see the house and your new work and you.