Sunday, September 6, 2009

be a part of it...

In order of appearance:
-the awesomeness that is New Yorkers showing up to the Hendershot Gallery opening on Thursday night. WHAT A NIGHT! I had so much fun that my face hurt from smiling. Heidi & James (the gallery owners) really made me feel special and Phil was a champion of staying awake and supportive on very little sleep after his first week as a fulltime professor.
-The awesomeness that is the new "highline" an above streetlevel park, built on old rail tracks, planted with wildflowers. surprisingly tranquil. after a swell slumber party with some wonderful pals in Brooklyn, we wandered back to chelsea for the day Friday.
-unknown artist's art on a chelsea gallery window. (storephil: please note that it appears to be made entirely with funky film)
-the new hostas I planted in celebration of being home and taking my slightly uncomfortable party shoes off. As wonderful as it was to see everyone in NYC and get to see strangers looking at my paintings (& hear the really superb & hysterical things they had to say)... I think I'd have to choose sunlight over limelight any day. The blisters are there as a gentle reminder not to take obscurity for granted.

Hope you're having a lovely labor day weekend, and not working as hard as we are! Chicago Renegade is in SIX DAYS and we're pushing through to the end getting our new fall designs all set for the windy city!