Monday, August 24, 2009

Worthless Monday

Why is family more fun than anyone else?
We have had the best week with my relatives in Cape Cod, and I'm so sorry to be back to work this week! (okay, actually I'm excited and have lots to do...but really, family vacations are the best).
Croquet, gambling with dice & monopoly money, cocktail parties with distant relatives, countless bags of cape cod chips and bottles of cranberry juice. Watermelon, Ping Pong, swimming in the seaweed, digging holes in the sand, pretending to get a suntan (and really getting a sun rash), long walks on the beach, trips to the candy shop, jogging by the river, straw sunhats in the hallway closet, riding bikes up the driveway where we learned to ride them... bare feet, the sound of familiar voices and clinking coffee cups early in the morning and the feeling of an outdoor shower after a splash in the ocean. Ahhhh.
My husband got the rare awesome chance to spend more quality time with my brother (and so did I). My mouth got to eat Belgian Chocolates. My family remains super wonderful, and I remain intent on winning the megabucks and buying a house in the dunes.

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