Thursday, August 27, 2009

new buddies in old favorites

It's always nice to get photos from customers modeling their new shirts & scarves. An email yesterday in particular made me smile though, because it's someone extra special. One of my longtime family friends from NH is now the proud momma of two, living in Connecticut. So fun to watch her kids grow through photos (though of course I'd rather it was in person) and extra cool to see them wearing Red Prairie Press shirts!
In my head, we are all still under 10 years old, and paddling around a flooded hayfield in a blowup paddle boat, or quarantined together with the chicken pox, making string mazes through the kitchen, drinking soda for breakfast (I mean, aren't we?). Suddenly, here we are as adults, and I'm running a business selling tshirts, and that same friend has kids, and they're wearing those shirts.

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