Sunday, August 30, 2009

How did I miss this!?

I don't normally like receiving other people's mail, but since they don't forward Catalogues at USPS, I've been secretly delighted to receive someone else's Anthropologie Catalogue in the mail this month.
So apparently Anthropologie collaborated with Hatch Showprint on their June 09 catalogue?
It's beautiful! Their catalogue is always beautiful. Even when I don't want the clothes. But this is particularly exciting.

We had a lovely weekend here in Baltimore. Went to see Inglorious Basterds on Friday night, which I thought was fantastic (though for very different reasons than my love of Julie & Julia - mind you). Farmer's market on Saturday and found this cool bug sitting on our porch when we got back. Sometimes Dining Saturday night - which was spectacular as usual, and fun in the rainstorm, because the geniouses behind the event thought ahead and bought an enormous tarp to cover the tables. Not a single person was soaked. (Except maybe the servers).
Sunday was a picnic in the park, bocce ball and a barbeque later on. If you suspect from this blog that our life evolves around food... well... you're nothing but observant.

This morning the windows are wide open, the air is cool and breathable for the first time in weeks, the car is in the shop, Phil is back to school at Towson, and I officially have no distractions to blame for my work not getting done.
Projects this week are:

-Illustrations for recrafting some ceramic plates for a secret book I'm helping work on
-An art print for the Hexagon Printmaking Portfolio Exchange
-New designs for the new apparel arriving today
-wholesale orders mania
-Large format prints, as mentioned a few weeks ago, of The Entrepreneurs (more difficult than I thought)
-Art show opening in NYC on Thursday night!
-trying to remember all of my other deadlines........


Diane said...

Hi Rachel-just put your site on my blog as a favorite. Check it out-tell me what you think. I'm Vanessa's mom...she encouraged me to blog!!!!
Hope me readers click on your site!!

2 hawks 2 fishes said...

I have to go get one of those catalogs!

P K said...

glad you weren't soaked

Laurel said...

I was searching for an image of 2640 St. Paul and your blog came up. I thought I'd let you know that your back porch bug is a katydid!