Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot Weekends

A weekend HOME, in BALTIMORE, without a craft fair, a houseguest, or a plan? Unheard of!!!!!
Phil and I decided the best thing to do was be lazy. Friday night we went w/ buddies to District 9 (which was downright bad, but fun nonetheless, and a really interesting idea) Saturday we walked to the farmer's market, which is now a heavenly 2 blocks from our house.
(I'll pause here to let that brag sink in).
Jen and I tried to go to federal hill saturday afternoon on a tip that there was a shop getting rid of old dresses for cheap. But alas, after a hot sticky drive and paying for parking, the place was closed, and we ended up having gone to federal hill for Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. On the way back to the car, I laughed out loud at the "Cross St. Ma_ket" sign, as it reads exactly how someone from NH would read the corrected sign. I momentarily missed home, for more than that reason. (All these people, cars & buildings get to me sometimes, and having family here from out of town last week made it a bit worse, as they tend to notice we live in a crowded city neighborhood, and remind us how nice the country is, with no traffic or congestion).
I've been starting to think that it's time to answer "Baltimore" when people ask where I'm from, instead of "NH" since I haven't lived there in 9 years... but the fact that I'm still uncomfortable going out in the backyard because I know that 12+ people could be watching me from their yards... well, I think that means I must still be from the country. (also, even when I'm my most dressed up, people tell me I look "So Vermont!")
WHICH is probably the reason why I find reasons to still miss home, and why I shrieked with joy on Saturday when I found a manual lawnmower for $10 at a yardsale.
We country folk like being outside, mowing our lawns, tending our tomatoes. Even if the "lawn" is only a 10'x10' square, and the tomatoes are in plastic pots.
As I learned from D-9 friday night, it's all about adapting, and embracing the little things:
We have a farmer's ma_ket in our neighborhood, and we can WALK to it.


P K said...

the ONLY thing i miss about my last apartment was the 1 block walk to the market. 3 blocks is just too much these days.

Red Prairie Press said...

seriously. you could pull a muscle!

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