Thursday, May 7, 2009

This Weekend You Simply MUST...

Come visit Red Prairie Press and many many many of our local crafty pals at the Squidfire Spring Art Mart in Mt. Vernon.
Buy handmade, buy local, meet the artists, see nice things... be outdoors doing it all! Superb.
Our craft fair tour has already begun for the summer, but this is our first outdoor show of the season, and even though 2 out of 5 weather related sources I've looked at seem to be under the impression it might rain....... they are misinformed, and it will actually be sunny and beautiful. Bring optimism, cash, and an umbrella...... because everyone knows that if you bother to pack the latter... it will never rain.

Go to the MD Film Fest. How stoked are you that the festival is finally this weekend? It's also FINALLY on a weekend when I'm actually in town, which thrills me. A handful of my friends (including my husband, who is currently dubbing the shorts programs together as I stay up late working on some paintings) have been working hard at festival headquarters to make this festival happen, and I will be thrilled to see all of their work pay off. I'm excited for too many of the programs to mention, and of the movies not least of all the new Cory McAbee film (I think I've mentioned how fond I am of American Astronaut on this blog before), there seem to be quite a few to anticipate. Plus, once your eyes start hurting, you can take a break, and walk down to Mt. Vernon Park for the above mentioned craft fair! Nice how these things work out.

PS- Kudos to both Kevin Sherry and Orange Element for designing such rad flyers for the Squidfire fair and MD Film Fest respectively.

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