Thursday, May 28, 2009

Art in Progress.

My BFF neighbors, Hailey & Rachel (ages 6 & 8) are seriously hilarious.
Upon our return from NH this weekend, there were a handfull of grubby envelopes addressed to "My Bast Naiber Rachel" in the mailbox, and when I opened them, they contained love letters, and coupons for (I'm not kidding) Men's Deodorant, and something called "Floral Fantasies Spray." Our front stoop has become a bit of a hangout for all the neighborhood kids, so I see them all the time and know all of their gossip - though I have no idea who is related to who, or who anyone's parents are.
The girls recently found out that we make tshirts in our basement. This THRILLED them and they wanted to come to the studio. Since I don't know their parents... I feel eternally too weird allowing them in our house... but I promised that if they made me some drawings, and gave me an old tshirt, I'd print it. (figuring their attention spans wouldn't allow this to really happen).
Within 15 minutes, there were little fists pounding on the door, and some crumpled up drawings thrust in my face.
Here are two of the drawings I've collected so far. It appears to be a big neighborhood event at this point, and I may just drag the screen outside and have them print the shirts themselves.
and I sometimes wonder why I don't get that much done in a week...