Thursday, April 30, 2009

TwistFair in Northampton This Weekend!

We're heading up to Northampton, Mass. bright & early on Friday for a two day fair in that fair city.
Very excited to be close enough to the old homestead (Westmoreland, NH) to stop in for a visit, see family and meet our new niece!!! We'll be gone until Monday, but don't even try to break into our house and kidnap Mr. Sammy or steal the big jar of kosher dill pickles we just bought (possibly the two things of most value in this house). There's someone watching over the joint.

If you're around Baltimore this weekend, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go to the following:

-Maestro Sensational (1 show Friday, 2 shows Saturday) the sock puppet variety show extravaganza. I'm crushed I'm missing this most of all. Not just because co-producer Jennifer Strunge is my own personal superhero, but also because the show is amazing.

-Hello Craft's SUMMIT OF AWESOME - three days (starting tomorrow) of many/most of the country's most influencial crafters movers & shakers. Lucky for me, some of the demos (and possibly the talks as well?) will be in the Etsy Virtual Labs. SCORE.

I'm going to kick myself on Monday when I read this post and finally remember the other things I was going to tell you to do.
Hope you have a great time, whatever it is you end up doing!

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