Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Taking the day off?

Ringing in my "27th year of being awesome" (according to Phil, and the birthday card that was on my pillow this morning) by using power tools, spray painting things, and being no more of a proper lady than I was at 26.
I tried to take the day off, but when I sat down and thought about what I wanted to do today, I realized that I wanted to work! (more specifically, I wanted to finish building the new craft fair table display shelves that I started yesterday, because I get mighty proud of myself when I do something that involves tools). A little lame, yes... but what can I say? Phil's view of me is biased...

Hooray for every (currently spray paint filled) breath of this awesome life we get to live.


Carly said...

Happy birthday, Rachel!!

Ali D. said...

happy birthday! sorry I missed the festivities last night. hope you had a super time!