Tuesday, April 7, 2009

More Indian Food

Might I just say... We're on a roll?
Phil and I are making some stellar meals lately, especially in the homemade Indian food department... which is new to us.
Ya'll keep emailing asking for recipes, so I'll try to start writing ingredients when I ramble and brag about things we've made from now on.
The Veggie & Paneer "Kabobs" we made last night were based on a recipe we learned in a cooking class a couple months ago. Not the healthiest thing we've made... but one of the more delicious. The marinade base was sour cream, chaat masala, garam masala, lemon juice, garlic, ginger & salt. I have a slight intolerance of mangoes, and chaat masala is basically dried mango powder, so I tend to get itchy skin and have bizarro dreams after eating indian food... but as much as I love to take care of my body normally.... it's worth it for good Indian food.
We broiled them on cookie sheets in the oven on 500 for 8 minutes, and can't wait to do it again on an outdoor grill as soon as possible. Also you could probably sub yogurt for sour cream, but as we're both training for a marathon (phil for the whole thing, me for a very short leg of a relay) we've recently decided that we're invincible.


P K said...

i want to take cooking lessons from the bone-davis tag team.

no joke.

Red Prairie Press said...


possibly joking.

no. seriously.

James said...

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