Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Marry who you love, Love these Pegs.

We salute Vermont & Iowa this week, for coming this much closer to equality for ALL loving couples. I don't mean to get political, but it's really made me a happier person.
We also salute Goose Grease shop for making these awesome little peg people, that you can use to top cupcakes, wedding cakes, and anything else worthy of sticking something atop of... on any special occasion. Each hand painted, and done custom - for ANY couple who wants them (confirmed by email) - and already over 1,000 sold! Goose Grease is a duet of very kind & talented ladies working out of NYC (though from their profile, I gather that neither is a native). Who I picture having the same love of folk art and dutch/scandinavian design that I do. Just LOOK at the three ladies below. Just LOOK at them.
Makes me want to throw a party, just so some of these brightly colored little peggy people can be included.


michelle said...

thanks so much for the feature rachel!

i see a link to renegade on your side bar... we'll be there too! hope to meet you!!

Red Prairie Press said...

oh yay!!! I'll be sure to come find you!