Thursday, April 2, 2009

Best. Parents. Ever.

My parents will be galavanting around Scotland looking for pretty pottery over my birthday & they just sent the best care package early in the mail. Can I tell you how awesome they are? WICKED AWESOME. My mom is the best knitter in the entire world. Look at the amazing socks she knit! They go all the way up to my knees! (and yes, I have most certainly been wearing my pants like this all day to show them off). I took my slippers off just for the photo, but don't worry - I'm protecting them like treasure. She knit a beautiful green pair too!!
Also awesome - The beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer they found at a NH auction (if you don't know, my parents run an ebay business selling auction finds. They go to auctions 3-5 times a week up where they live in NH, and often have a house so full of crazy china, funny wooden tools and antique ceramic pitchers, that my brother and I have pretended to stage interventions).

Also awesome - A cool folk art plate, also found at an auction.

Also awesome - The book "How the World Got Its Color" by Marilyn Hirsh. One of my all time favorite books as a kid. (The world hasn't been completed yet by the gods, and is only black and white. The only color that exists is in a set of paints that are used by an old artist who lives in the hills. He goes to town one day to offer a painting to the gods, and while he's away, his little daughter finds the paints, and uses them the paint everything around her. When he returns, he's furious, but the gods are happy, and from then on, the world is full of color. There you go, I kinda killed the ending for you... but maybe you already noticed that the world is full of color? Mine is especially vibrant today!


annie said...

those socks! woweee!
and that dish- that couple is totally you and phil!!

Sweet Pepita said...

Oh, Happy birthday! That book looks so sweet! I have to look for it!

Kelly said...

Oh my - I have been searching for that book - "How the World Got its Color"

One of my all-time faves as a kid. Where did you get it? Where can I get a copy?


Kelly said...

Hee - my order from just arrived today! So happy!

Red Prairie Press said...

Kelly - sorry i missed your comment! I'm so glad you found it.... I think it may be out of print now but there must be copies floating around.
my mom got it somewhere very used. :)

Kelly said...

yep, my copy is from a library in Oregon. It's certainly well-loved, but no more so than if it has been mine all those years. ;-)