Sunday, March 22, 2009

This week was especially productive, and thus, the weekend was much appreciated. I've been in a cooking mood, and here are some photos (with our NEW camera! A Canon Powershot - the teeniest little gem I've ever seen. It's smaller than your iphone) of the Parsnip Ginger soup I made Sunday, and the Indian food we made on Saturday, (thanks to the beautiful and intimidating spices at Punjab Market) before going to The Point (see below). If you didn't make it this weekend to the H&H building to see this production, you really missed out. About 30 people were involved, and reproduced the Nilsson album - live with a puppet show/live action play! It was one of my favorite things I've seen in Baltimore this year, and the team that put it on (I wish I knew names, I'd surely put them right here) deserve a lot of credit for putting it together so well. Awesome puppets, clever props, and beautiful renditions of very familiar songs. One only hopes they do more performances, and/or go on the road with their show.

I also managed to turn over the garden this weekend, visit the farmer's market, plant some pansies in the pot outside our front door, run 10 miles (just kidding... Phil did that. I just went for a bike ride), go for a long walk and visit the botanical garden in Druid Hill Park, watch old batman cartoons, and eat a Drew Special at Golden West. Now I'm off to the library to return books I've barely picked up, and then outside to enjoy the last few hours of weekend sunshine.
Hope everyone had a nice weekend. IT'S SPRING!!