Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Point

I have been subjected to so many listens of Harry Nilsson's "The Point" over the last couple years, that I almost dread the coming of this show.... But at least two of my closest friends (not naming. You know who you are) seem to have lives that evolve around listening to the album, and creative minds that are ultimately mainly inspired by it. I have love for it, and it's SUCH a great story. In the past year, Phil has managed to purchase the cassette tape, CD and vinyl version of this thing and learn every one of the songs by heart (and thus, so have I). We quote it even when we don't mean to on a regular basis, and it seems like it's eternally in the car stereo every time I turn the car on... So... in our family... I can safely say we'll be attending.

Some people in the H&H have come up with a puppet show/live action version of the story, and will be performing it for 2 days only, this weekend. Live music is involved, naturally.

March 20th and 21st
5th floor of the H&H

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