Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Harvest For the Hungry

Now that you are saving all sorts of money with the RED PRAIRIE PRESS BIRTHDAY 30% OFF SALE, you can use it to buy groceries for those less fortunate.
From March 7-March 14th, the MD Food Bank is running a campaign called "Harvest for the Hungry." All you have to do is purchase a bag of non-perishable groceries (or, if you get a little too excited, like Phil and I did at 10pm last night in Superfresh you can buy FIVE bags of groceries for the homeless, and one delicious box of popsicles for your proud charitable self). You can then leave that bag of groceries at your mailbox and volunteers from the Girlscouts, Boyscouts or your postal carrier will come pick it up for you. If this sounds strange to you, and you'd rather see that it gets to the right hands, you can drop it off at any Baltimore post office or Safeway store. To read about the program, and see the list of most needed items, visit HERE.

Did you donate yet? Did it feel great? Tell us about it!

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