Thursday, March 26, 2009

Baker Artist Award WINNERS!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the winners of this year's Baker Artist Awards and Baltimore's Choice awards!
Below are the 2009 winners, and links to their work on the Baker Artist Awards website. What a great new resource for our city's art community. I know that I for one have discovered dozens of new artists, and art enthusiasts in the city that I never knew existed. Free exposure, a place to check out other local artists, find inspiration, and share what you're up to? Check. Thanks to all who organized this site, and funded the awards. In these here hard economic times, it's sure nice to know that art has not been financially abandoned.

Mary Sawyers Baker Award Winners:
Carl Grubbs
Jon Ruppert
Hadieh Shafie

Baltimore's Choice Award Winners:
Milana Braslavsky
Becky Alprin
Rob Levit
Sarah House
Jim Lucio
Adam Hopkins
Vincent Thomas

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