Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We Make It Art: Artist on Artist Interviews.

under question by Rachel Sitkin

From Rachel Sitkin at We Make It Art: This is a blog to showcase local artists. The idea is for one artist to go to the studio of another artist and interview them and take pictures and/or video. I am open to non-local artist participation but I'd prefer that either the interviewer or interviewee be local. You could interview anyone, any medium, visual art, music, literature, or multi-discipline. Ideally there would be at least two interview posts/month. If you are interested in conducting an interview let me know so I can assign you a week. Feel free to pass this on to other artists you think would be interested. Thanks!

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Carly said...

This is great. A similar venture was spearheaded by my friends Joseph Young (a writer) and Michael Cantor (a photographer and my studio mate) at They have interviewed and photographed artists such as Christine Sajecki, Ramsey Antonio Barnes, Lynn Silverman and more. Check it out!