Tuesday, February 3, 2009

There are some really talented people scattered about this town, and most of them have the sort of unpretentious day jobs (dog walker, video rentals, theater worker, waiter, bartender, art supply store employee...) that stereotypists cast artists in. Hard work for little pay, but a flexible schedule, the sometimes slight relevance to one's interests (Dogs, Beer, Food, Movies, Art)... and the assured run-in with some inspiring crazies (My fellow former-Pla-Za coworkers will I'm sure, remember the many characters in Mt. Vernon fondly)... The Charles Theater might just be one of the establishments holding the most talented team of employees. Is it because they pay really well? doubt it. But there are enormous benefits to working at this theatre: free popcorn and coca cola, free movies, free social interactions... and now? There's also a worker's art gallery/wall at the Charles Theatre! Nice. They're having an opening Thursday. You ought to go:

Presenting works by members of the Charles Theatre Workers Union.
February 5 through March 31.
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 5, 7 – 9pm.
Charles Theatre Workers Art Wall, 1711 North Charles Street.

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