Friday, February 20, 2009

Beautiful Folk Music For Free

I am DROOLING and SWOONING over this new folk compilation on (a worthwhile site to check out regardless of this compilation, in fact) featuring contemporary artists covering old folk songs. Many of the contemporary artists are from the fair city of Baltimore! Caleb Stine, Walker & Jay, Wye Oak, Tommy Tucker and Noble Lake are just the first few I recognize. Really a delicious auditory treat, and I'm so pleased to see such love for my favorite type of music here in Baltimore. Thanks to those who made this happen, whoever they might be. Listen to the mix HERE for FREE!!!!!
Thanks to Kathy, my favorite new folk singer, for alerting me to this.
(PS- there's even a cover of Long Black Veil, which reminds me of certain faraway friends who love that song WAY too hard)

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