Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Alone time

Apologies for my quietness this week.
I'm working on a new painting and I think the end result will be exciting enough to make up for the lack of entertainment on this blog... maybe not, but at least I'm having fun and getting in my dose of NPR and some great Smithsonian Folkways discs I checked out of the library on friday.

This weekend Phil and I are going on a field trip of sorts to NYC, to see my sister-&-brother-in-law, eat fancy food, stay in a fancy hotel (thanks to credit card points) and carefully regard the habits of city folk living north of the Mason/Dixon line. Not only do we get to spend time galavanting with these fine people on Saturday, but we get to go on a Scott's Pizza Tour on Sunday!!!!!
To all of our friends in NYC and beyond - I hope you'll consider joining us for the latter.

work hard... but only if you like what you're working on.

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