Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Fricking Websites. Plural.

That's right. PLURAL.NEW. WEBSITES. Red Prairie Press has now been sensibly redesigned, and separated into categories: Apparel, Art and Blog. Purpose: so that now, you'll WANT to visit us!

Take a gander at the new design! The blog* is still the blog (duh, you're reading it!);* is now ONLY artwork and the redprairiepress shop* - now hosted by a shop building wonderland called "bigcartel" is SOLELY the apparel & calendar line (I know. Can you even HANDLE IT!!!??!?!???!)

*The best part is - you still get to go to one big blob of glue in the middle called and pick where you want to go by scrolling over the pretty pictures that pop up over each option. AND I'm told me email even works at this point!
Wasssup 21st century!??

Seriously though, go check out the site, and then go pat Ben on the back, because he's the one who did it all. I just sat there and shouted out the names of colors and fake internet terminology until it was over.


Carly said...

Change is scary. But I love it! Good changes, Miss Rachel--very good indeed! Wee!

phil said...

looks great! well done, ben!

Prêt à Voyager said...

congrats and well done!