Thursday, January 29, 2009

BetsyB on Etsy

I'm completely smitten with these dresses by Betsy B Design on Etsy. They were featured on the front page this morning.
Stopped in at some local hampden shops today and heard a general consensus of "no one is shopping." Not that I'm shopping, but I am bookmarking this and dreaming of spring.... and money to buy it with.

Is it January-March slow retail time as usual, or the economy?
Or is it that the sidewalks are trecherous and one is likely to bite it on the way to the avenue?

It's called a S-H-O-V-E-L, people. It's just snow. ( it's ice). You can do it.
Salt is located in the BIG YELLOW BOX LABELED SALT on every street.
Shovels are either in your basement, or at Falkenhans.


Ali D. said...

so, I went to the gift show yesterday, and it looks like even the buyers ain't buyin'. Not this year. After talking to another few artists/ craftsfolk, it's not personal -- no one's buying. Phhlllbbbtttt.

Rachel Bone said...

well... since we all have free time, we may as well make more art, sing more songs, read more books, do more crossword puzzles, have potlucks and drink more coffee together until we drift our way to better times. Nothing helps me ignore all of this more than being around friends.

Ali D. said...

truer words were never spoken.