Friday, December 12, 2008

Real Artists at MICA

Just got back from the MICA art fair where I purchased two prints. One by my new male idol, Andrew Neyer and another by my new female idol, Jessica Somers. Neither of these images I'm posting are prints I purchased, but they are both as beautiful. I'm so impressed by the quality of artwork at MICA, and the low prices at which it's selling right now... but these two artists (Somers in the illustration section of the show, Neyer in the downstairs Printmaking section) were the standouts for sure. Also worth noting - Kyle VanHorn's Alphabet print (i ran out of money before noticing it), a handmade book with stilt walking illustrations (I forget who this was made by), some nifty knit hats and mittens, and many a poster, book, card and t-shirt soaked in witty Helvetica. It was so refreshing to see so many bright and beautiful things. The art fair goes through Saturday. Don't miss your chance to support these artists before they ditch Baltimore for somewhere they can sell their prints for more than $25.

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