Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Old Friend, New Shop

My old high school pal Abby Berkson just informed me she's opened up shop in time for the holidays on Etsy.
It's my great pleasure to introduce to you: Bertie Beanflower - a collection of hand sewn animals made from recycled socks & fabric scraps. Not only are the animals loveable doofuses, they also have funny names and descriptions... which makes for double the fun in shopping through them. Here is my favorite, Norah. The Aerobics Bear.
I'm absolutely getting in the holiday spirit today. Even though it's pouring rain, I schlepped to Stevenson and purchased the saddest looking tree possible (ie- the cheapest) to surprise Phil- who hopefully won't read this before he gets home... the man was very sweet and tied it to my car for free and laughed at me for being so excited about quite possibly the crappiest pick he had. I know we won't even be in Baltimore for Christmas this year, but we're here through the last week of December, and with no snow in sight, it's nice to pretend there are seasons south of the mason dixon line. I have mastered this by closing the curtains, shutting off the heat, and breathing in the fresh pine scent with Mr Sammy at my side, purring & mashing his face into the lower limbs of our sopping wet ode to Charlie Brown.

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Lindsay said...

gotta have a tree! we got "midgie," (as we have named her) the 4 foot christmas tree. It's so little and cute and smells good! Then Hewey tried to pee on the tree skirt.