Monday, December 15, 2008

Holiday Countdown...

Thanks to all who came out this weekend to BUST craftacular in NYC. We met a lot of great new friends, and loved seeing familiar faces come back for this year's calendars, scarves, and new shirt designs. It means a lot to us. Also wonderful: all of our NY friends for having cozy places for us to sleep, and not caring that we are intolerant of hungarian mushrooms and too tired to move. We are poorly trained house guests, but always appreciative, nonetheless.

We are now just a week or so away from closing shop and heading up north for the holidays. Im getting excited for the above pictured reasons: The most awesome kid ever conceived; and real winter weather.
Photos courtesy of the talented Amber Davis. Who consequently, also made this:

An awesome barn, garden & farm (complete with ridiculous animals) made entirely of candy, gingerbread & frosting.

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