Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Lights Advent Calendar

IIIIIIIIIIIIIt's Advent Calender Season!!!!!!!. Phil and I are currently dueling daily for the mini plastic flavored chocolate tokens in our 99 cent advent calendar from Trader Joes. Despite their inability to taste like real food, we're excited about it every day that we remember... to the point of it almost being pathetic.
I'm one of the worst surprise keepers, and consequently, also one of the worst surprise SPOILERS there is... and an advent calendar is like an exercise in restraint for me, like training for Christmas eve, where I could just DIE not knowing what's in all the gifts. (It doesn't matter if they are for me or not. It's the NOT KNOWING that kills me).
With our particular advent calendar, I KNOW what's behind each little paper door... I even know what it tastes like... but it's still thrilling to the point of me almost ripping the entire scene of Christmasy Santamen right off and punishing the entire month of tasteless chocolates right now... just in case there's something really extra exciting at the end. Because technically, there COULD be... I mean... I haven't looked yet (only because Phil would notice the doors ripped open, and I'd be too ashamed of myself).

For those who might want a little extra excitement and potential in their advent calendar gifts (and might want one that's handmade and recyclable, and way more awesome)... check out this super clever take on the tradition by Elsie Marley, posted on Flickr). I'll have to consider this the grownup version of what I can handle. Still... I'm smitten with the idea.


Lindsay said...

we had to get two trader joe's calendars because my roommate and I can't share. :) Also, did you notice that the art on them this year is particularly heinous (at least, more heinous than in past years, which isn't saying much). haha

Rachel Bone said...

HA!! you're worse than me!!
yes. the artwork is pretty bad. but still...there's candy inside.....