Wednesday, October 22, 2008

One Year Already?

What you don't know can't hurt you right? Well but also, what you don't know is also fun to hear, so guess what!
Here's a secret that isn't actually secret. Although we had our big sweaty dance party of a wedding in July of this year, we actually tied the knot legally in October of LAST year. To be precise, on October 22 of last year. At the Circuit Court downtown Baltimore. With only our pal Bonnie at our side.
YOU: "hey wait...October 22...that's TODAY of this year!!!!"
To celebrate this sneaky non-secret (our mouths are way too big for the news to stay silent. I'm not sure there was a sole at the wedding that didn't know we were already married) and because we were way too proud of ourselves, we got absolutely nothing accomplished today, and went out to eat at Miss Shirley's and wandered around downtown aimlessly together for an hour before going back to work.
In my true blogger fashion, I find it only relevant to find something to promote...So, I'll remind you of the super awesome necklaces that our dear friend Annie made for our July wedding and now sells online. These necklaces (a collaboration between imogene and red prairie press) and everything else in the Imogene Shop are currently on sale with the below coupon code for all of Annie's blog readers! So, to show all of our friend's in Baltimore how much you love that Phil and I have been married for a year, just... you know... go buy one!

Someday I'll actually put up a post with photos from our wedding and the things I made too. For now, know that today is a mighty happy day here on the red prairie. Here's to true love, eh?


annie said...

happy anniversary rachel and phil!! how lucky that you get to have TWO a year!!

this has been, by far, my favorite project to work on since the inception of imogene.


Carly said...

You sneaky little devil. Fooled me!