Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Actually Delicious Cream Puffs

(logo from puffsandpastries.com; photo from 600Block on flickr)
While we're on the subject of food, and small business (I'm always on the subject of both), have you been to Puff's & Pastries of Hampden yet? It's a pastry shop on 36th street that's WAY too close to our house, that opened about 7 weeks ago. This weekend Phil and I ventured in for the first time on a tip from Angie & Scott that there was deliciousness to be had.
Wow. There sure was. We bought a chocolate cream puff to share, and when we realized we had no cash and had to charge it, we had to force ourselves to purchase some sort of pyramid shaped holy chocolate mountain as well. oh darn, right?
The bakery is owned and run by pastry chef Anisha Jagtap and, according to the website, has a strict "butter only" policy (which is just fine by me, but the statement itself made me chuckle). They also offer parisian sandwiches at lunchtime, and fancy hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows. Yeah. For real. And unlike other dessert shops in Hampden, it's clear what's being sold (goodness), how to get it (go to counter, view variety of goodness, choose, pay, receive), and how much you want it (a lot). The shop owner was there working hard, and as sweet as her pastries, and we were ready to go back again before we'd even walked out the door.
A pleasant and easy place to go get sweets. What brilliant business scheme.
PS- in case you're still wondering, our purchases were BOTH delicious.


Tom said...

Definitely agree. Puffs and Pastries is delicious. Next time try the earl grey cake. I also had a great turkey/croissant sandwich last time I was there. Anisha knows what she's doing!

And I'm happy to see you used one of my photos. If you're looking for more cool places, come check out 600block.com.

Charm City Craft Mafia said...
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Samantha said...

Puffs and Pastries is sooooo good! Does Anisha know you blogged about her / the shop? I'm sure she'd love it if she doesn't. If you have a twitter she's @ajagtap there.

I'm so addicted, stopped there after work yesterday. Finishing up the fruit tart tonight after dinner!!!

Also, I'm adding you to my blogroll , and will probably feature you in an upcoming entry. I'm deciding whether I want to stick with MICA Alum (I work in the development department and get the heads up on so many exciting shows / works), or just do a generic Baltimore art/craft entry. I'll keep you posted. Not that THAT many people read my blog. Ha!

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