Monday, February 4, 2008

Fresh Produce

Yesterday's craft show "Crafts & Kisses" in DC was the first show of 2008 for us and while it was a bit disorganized and panicked to start out, it ended up a nice enough day. We met some great people, many of whom are actually from Baltimore, which made us proud. The guys right across from us were Fresh Produce- an all-dude DC threesome that started as music producers, and grew to a t-shirt company about a year ago. They give out a free CD of local music with every shirt sale, which is really cool, and after the first hour or so, they had made friends with the DJ's directly to their right, and promised them a spot on the next of such compilations. Making friends is a fine way to spend a Sunday, and though we might reconsider doing a craft fair on Superbowl Sunday next year, we were impressed with the turnout none-the-less. A job well done to Moira, the organizer.

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