Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can you be More Specific

I just found out about this website through my friend alicia. It's called "Specific Things" and if it's actually updated often (i have no idea), is the coolest idea! The premise seems to be that they've listed handwritten categories, and you can submit relevant photos or stories to them. Categories include, but are not limited to: "Young woman holding a Koala," "Teams called 'The Pirates," "One man eating sushi," "Luaus in the continental United States," "Bands looking for members" the list goes on. As a serious story lover, I was even hooked on reading the less exciting (read: poorly written, too short, boring) stories! And don't even get me started on the "finding money" section. They're currently taking new submissions for "Pictures of Toppled houses," "The biggest tip you ever got as a pizza delivery driver," "Where you got your clothing when your luggage was lost..." just go look. It's like FOUND magazine, but with structure... and less content.

And yeah. I picked the redhead with the Koala on purpose. No, we're not related. All redheads are NOT related. Yes, I'm sure.
Also, Living vicariously is perfectly legal in Baltimore, MD.

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