Wednesday, January 23, 2008

You and Artscape

Artscape, Baltimore's premier art's festival (and supposedly, the largest FREE arts festival in the country) is now offering a DIY craft section to vendors at a reduced rate (for a 6' table, instead of a 10x10 foot tent). We're really excited about this over at Craft Mafia headquarters, and hope you'll take advantage and apply like we are! Last year, Red Prairie Press had a full size tent in the fashion section, which went stupendously well, and we ate heroic amounts of fried dough (they call it "funnel cake" here, but just because it went through a funnel to get to the hot oil, doesn't mean it's not fried dough).
We will be honored to join the DIY section this year in hopes of bringing craft and homemade to the masses, and seeing some of our friends from the normal crafty circuit eating corn dogs and blooming onions right along side us.

We'll bring the tums.
Apply HERE

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