Friday, January 11, 2008

New to you?

If you haven't seen us at a show recently, then you might have missed the first few months of our first 3/4 length sleeve shirt. This comfy garment is a similar cut to the women's cap sleeve tee's we've had for a while, but a bit more snug fitting, and now, more likely to keep you warm in the cooler months. Stay tuned for other colors in this style coming soon, as well as a new men's tee, a new cap sleeve tee, and perhaps, more surprises to come.

While you're waiting for these new things, say hello to our new supermodel, formerly of Cape Cod, Mass. Phil and I, along with my Mom and Dad, went for a walk while on a weekend vacation in Chatham this December and came across what used to be my Grandmother's favorite local clothing store (garments for people who wear loafers.. if you will) with a big "CLOSING SALE" sign on the door. Feeling nostalgic, we went in, and found that they were not only selling their apparel for cheap, but they were selling their display fixtures as well (much more exciting). We got this dress form and a metal clothing rack for under $50. Woooo!

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