Thursday, January 3, 2008

Felt Goodness

Having decided to embark on wedding decorations for our July 5th wedding using felt and twigs as materials, Phil and I aren't really growing a reputation for matching fabrics to the seasons very appropriately. Nothing like wool on a summer's day...yes?
However, of all the wonderful wintery gifts in the world, and all the craft shows we've been to and vendors we've met at each, we managed to give each other gifts from the SAME felt-happy vendor this year... perhaps with those little felt leaves on our minds? Saltlick NYC has long been our hero for their use of hand stitching, cut felt designs, labor intensive crafting, and witty themes. The owners themselves are the type of people that make craft fairs fun to be a part of. Always upbeat. Completely intelligent and down to earth. Plus, last I saw them, they gave me a free tote bag. Hoorah. They appear to do lots of custom work, which is quite chivalrous of them in my own lazy opinion, and last I heard, even after growing in size, Saltlick has vowed to do all of their sewing themselves. Inspirational work ethic. Also, having accidentally already put one of my Saltlick shirts through the wash with normal laundry... I can vouch for their quality control. Three cheers for handmade. And now- back to gluing felt leaves to dried out twigs. Nothing like free decorations to keep us motivated...albeit a little early.

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