Saturday, December 15, 2007

shopping sneak peaks

As any craft fair goer knows, the best part about doing craft fairs isn't the opportunity to play store, or fulfill one's retail sales associate dreams... nay, it's the wonderful people you are squashed in next to, that you get to spy on and buy all of your presents from! Often, Phil and I end up finagling some pretty spectacular trades with our neighbors, and always we end up stalking our new friends on the Internet afterwards. I thought you should join in on that! Here are some sneak peaks from fellow vendors we've purchased from or bartered with recently... just in case you need a last hup-to on your Christma-kah-wanz-olstice shopping, and the life sized vinyl snow globe didn't end up fitting in your car.


annA emilia said...

I like your paintings, and I think that this is the best blog of all, because there is the post about farm animals.
Greetings from Finland.

dandelion blu said...

Hey thanks!!
I bought a pendant from Yasha Butler too! Love her work!
Happy Holidays!