Thursday, December 6, 2007


The only thing this photo has to do with us going to BUST CRAFTACULAR this weekend, is that BUST CRAFTACULAR is in the state of NY, and in this photo, we are eating delicious NY apples, sent to us by the lovely folks of Croquet Shows, as an engagment gift a few months ago. If you would like to give us the gift of snacks, OR just come visit and buy some nifty screenprinted apparel, OR meet Amy Sedaris, who will also be on hand signing copies of her book... Then visit this website for more info on how to get there, Saturday, Dec. 8, 10-8:


erin said...

Lauren and I will see you there! Safe travels

Lindsay said...

this is when i wish I still lived in Brooklyn and you two were staying in my apartment while you were in town and we could have tea and I could hug you to death! because you are so adorable and lovely and make nice beautiful things. I miss you buttloads. :)