Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I came downstairs to this on Sunday morning. It seems my fuzzy sidekick is ringing in the cold season with the old hide-in-a-totebag-and-look-adorable tactic. He looks like a stock photo for one of those..."HANG in there" posters.
WE however, are welcoming the cold season with warmer clothes! Scarves and longsleeve girlie tees (coming soon) in nature prints!

Cold weather and Harsh Elements? I bite my (frostbitten) thumb at you!


dandelion blu said...

Yay! scarves! My MIL is buying me a new winter coat, then I get to buy "acessories!" It was great to get the chance to chat with you on Saturday! When it was all said and done I actually didn't have too bad a day sales wise! Cheers!

Lindsay said...

awww mr sammy!!