Monday, November 19, 2007

5 Things about Rachel Bone

I was "tagged" by Imogene's Annie Chau, and I'm supposed to tell you 5 random things about myself, so, here it goes:

1. Peanut Butter. There is no food more worthy of my attention than peanut butter. Natural, unnatural, chunky, creamy, salted, sugared, on toast, on celery, on a spoon, on a finger. I am so full of love for peanut butter, it turned my hair orange. There are two loves of my life after peanut butter. Phil and Mr Sammy. (oh okay, AND Marmie & Dad. They tie too).

2. I like farm animals. I would like some of my own some day. Chickens, Ducks, Goats and Donkeys make nice friends. The chicken in the photo is not mine. She's just a friend. (please note that if you click on phil's name in #1, it will bring you to a page featuring a photo of his foot and a rooster. He is NOT kicking the rooster. The rooster is leaping at his foot. The rooster didn't like him. Most animals do like Phil. Phillip means "lover of horses")

3. My first job was at an ice cream and burger shop. I was "let go". Here is a list of all of the jobs I can remember after that:
-Environmental Camp Counselor
-Bulk dishwasher
-Costume and Prop Maker
-Photo Archivist
-Deli Counter Worker
-Scanner of Nature Images & Illustrations
-Printmaking Teacher
-Brewery Hostess
-Letterpress Platemaker and Envelope Embellisher (same job)
-Commercial Screenprinter
-Art Supply Store Associate
-Printmaking and Papermaking Teacher
-Office Manager and Print Sales
-Red Prairie Press Owner, screenprinter, Office Manager, Artist, Saleslady, Schlepper-of-heavy-things.

4. One of my cousins is a French Count who is also in a rap group. (It's called "St. James").

5. I get invited to weddings because I'm the person who will dance.

I'm tagging:
Jennifer of Cotton Monster
for 5 things about herself.


annie said...

thank you for playing rachel :) i loved reading your answers. yay for farm animals!

jbone said...

Don't you love your mama, too?

Rachel Bone said...

YES! and my mom and dad! I love them too. They tie with Peanut Butter at LEAST.

jbone said...

Glad to know we're right up there with peanut butter!

Lindsay said...

i <3 you!

Albert Birney said...

did you know that a rabid fox ate like 17 of the chickens and there are only 2 left?!?!?? C'est la vie, like totes.