Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Goodbye to Olive

After having an absolute BLAST in the city of deep-dish pizza and 1920's gangsters last week, our elated spirits were crushed with some rather tragic news this morning. American Apparel has discontinued the olive green dress used to print our customer favorite, the "Botany Dress." We are heartbroken! We have only a few left, in small and XL. Get yours before it becomes a collector's item! Already own one? Store it in cling wrap and sell it on ebay in 20 years when we're f-a-m-o-u-s!!!!!!!! Farewell Olive, we will sincerely miss your lively hue.


Ben said...

so do you have a new color lined up?

Sterling's Qualia said...

wow. that is the cutest dress ever. i wish i were a girl.